Stan Gee

Pick n Strum

Guitar: Nylon Strung Classical  fingerstyle basic technique.  Steel-String Acoustic; Finger-picking Ragtime; Country; Blues & folk song Accompanying styles. Electric; Electro-Acoustic;   Plectrum Style Jazz & Rock Basics.   

Flatpick Bluegrass style; 12 string technique including Bajo-Sexto. 
Banjo: 5-String; 3-Finger Picking Bluegrass/Scruggs-Style; Old-Time Frailing/Clawhammer style;
Classic(Gut/Nylon strung)Fingerstyle; Specialising in all song Accomp-animent Styles using a regular or Long-Neck-Folk Banjo. .
Tenor Banjo: Irish & Ragtime Melodic Styles; Low Irish Tuning or Standard Jazz tuning & melodic chordal techniques.  
Plectrum Banjo: Dixieland Jazz Melodic Chordal Rhythm Style, using standard or ´G´tuning.
6-string Guitar-Banjo: or 4-string banjo tuned like the first 4 strings of a guitar, or Baritone Ukulele in banjo style!
Ukulele: Soprano (standard size); Concert; Tenor; Baritone; 10-stringTiple; 8-stringTaro-Patch; Ukulele-Banjo/Banjolele; Simple Song accompaniment up to advanced Melodic Chord Solos & George Formby Rhythm style.
Mandolin: Mandolin-Banjo & 4-string Banjolin. Classical approach; Bluegrass Rhythm Chops; Melodic Ragtime & Irish Styles.
Bass: Electric & Electro-Acoustic Bass-Guitar; Upright Double/Contra-Bass Viol. Fingerstyle or flat-pick style.
Fiddle: Melodic & Rhythmic Basics for the Folk/Country fiddler, inc. Open/Cross tunings.
Dobro: Bluegrass &/or Hawaiian Lap Steel; Blues Bottleneck Slide in a variety of Open Tunings.
Dulcimer: Appalachian Mt.plucked & ´Strumstick´.Melodic &/or Rhythmic techniques. Under-standing the Modal & Key systems & different tunings.
Autoharp: Rhythmic techniques & Melody Picking. Understanding the Key System & Range of the Autoharp.                             
Harmonica: Different types; Straight &/or Cross-Harp Blues style; using a Rack with guitar etc.
Hispanic Instruments: 12-string Bandurria; Laud; Bajo-Sexto;   & Colombian Tiple; 10-string Bolivian Charango; Puerto-Rican Cuatro; 5-string Mexican Vihuela & Canary Island Timple:4-string Venezuelan Cuatro & Bandola; Brazillian Cavaquino & Portuguese Braguina;Cuban Tres & Requinto.