Stan Gee

Pick n Strum

11th. June, Jeff Warner from America. Traditional Folk songs accompanied on Guitar; Banjo & Concertina. Acoustic Concert!

4th. July. Independence Day Celebrations with Banjoist Extrordinaire Clarke Buehling, doing the main guest spot & a support set from Stan & Eve.
6th. August. from South Africa! the exquisite instrumental accompaniment & beautiful voice of Miriam Backhouse
We would also like to extend a welcome to prospective guest Artistes, especially Americans intending visits in the future. We are particularly interested in Folk Singers & Musicians in a traditional vein. i.e.´Old-Time´; Bluegrass; Western, but are also ammenable to contemporary artistes providing that they consider that the instrumental side of their work is as vital as their songs. Please send us your demo C.D. and promo material and I´m sure we can fix you up with a gig at th Pickin´ Parlor! 
Further Information: 

Eve : 01642 490517 
Stan : 01642 (Redcar) 478859