Stan Gee

Pick n Strum

Press Officer: The Pickin´ Parlor is in dire need of a press officer. Eve does her best with posters & Newspapers but doesn´t have a computer. I do, but am too stretched already to build an audience base contact site. The job does not carry any salary, only the satisfaction of being part of a small team attempting to present the best in string music entertainment!
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone Stan on: 01642 478859
Telephone Eve on: 01642 490517

Welcome from Stan Gee & Evelyn May:

This page was misnamed ´Pick ´n´ Strum´, that title being applicable to the instruments for sale page, but we are hoping to change it to: ´The Bulletin Board´ and to kick things off, I would like to post a couple of job vacancies!
Band Members: Eve & myself do our best but two people are somewhat limited when it comes to certain genres, such as Bluegrass for example. Whilst our music is essentially American, we have no aspirations to make it an ´Old-Time´ band; ´Bluegrass´ or ´Western Swing´ Band. I feel that it would be nice to let an audience try a taste of them all, as indicated by a couple of band names from the past: ´The All Around Cowboys´ and more recently; ´American Patchwork´! We have no specific requirement in view other than the person should be able to sing whilst playing their chosen instrument. Eventually bolstering the Harmonies that I am trying to achieve with Eve. Ideal melody instruments would be Fiddle, &/or Accordion, maybe a steel guitarist (pedal, lap or Dobro); Double Bass or Bass Guitar. Even a Harmonica player would save me having to use a Rack!, but I would settle for a guitarist with a good chord knowledge, or the desire to learn. That would free me up to play other instruments. Don´t be shy. Come to the Pickin´ Parlor some wednesday, or one of the couple of gigs advertised, and check out whether or not you like what we do and the way we do it before making any contact, thats O.K.!