Stan Gee

Pick n Strum

Mahalo call them ´Ukulele´ guitars but these are really modified steel string guitars, ideal for travel or rehearsal. Robustly made, nicely finished, and not bad sounding for their reduced size, they come in self coloured carrying bags, available in Yellow or black, at only £30
Used Instruments For Sale: Guitars & Ukuleles Currently in Stock (not counting instruments undergoing renovation)  
Mahalo Travel Guitar with P-U!
Nicely appointed budget travel guitar, now fitted with end-pin jack socket & transducer pick-up! Comes with soft cover. £45
Budget guitars always in stock! for beginners &/or tinkerers; all sizes from tiny to 4/4; from £5 to £20 dependent on condition!
Harmony ´Roy Smeck´ model Soprano: SOLD!
Vintage HARMONY Baritone SOLD!
 Undergoing Renovation:  

Harmony stencilled soprano ukulele.