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Evelyn May & Stan Gee,

Cutty Wren Club,4th.July ´04.  Instrument trivia: The banjo is a 1976  U.S.A. made Harmony ´76 Bicentennial model, with the ´Three Minute-Men´on the Resonator. I also have a Blue one with an ´American Eagle´ on the resonator, and a matching Red; White & Blue Regal ´Bicentennial´ model Guitar. As you may have guessed, We bought these especially for our ´4th. of July Independence Day Celebration´ shows, so when we recently got the chance of a couple of new ´Stars & Stripes´ soprano ukuleles, we naturally added them to the kit. Being new & relatively cheap, they don´t sound great, but the do add to the overall ambience!

Due to the current interest in the GoldTone ´Cello Banjos, a friend suggested I post some info about a couple of items in my own collection that obviously provided the inspiration for the GoldTone banjos. They are two of the first banjos produced by the Gibson company in 1918-19.

The 4-string is Gibsons take on the Tenor and simply designated T-B, later TB-4 and has a 12\" hollow rim. I have it tuned a 4th.lower (Irish pitch) with nylon strings for a meatier sound. The 5-string with its 14\" hollow rim is quite unique. You may have seen the occasional 6-string Guitar-Banjo, and maybe even the rarer 4-string ´Cello-banjo, with the same specs. but this 5-string version is so rare, I have not only never seen another one like it, I have only ever seen one other photograph of one like it !!!
I used to have it at concert pitch, but due to the interest in early banjos at low pitch, I now have this a 5th. lower, which also puts it in a more practical range for Eve & myself singing together. It must be obvious now where Goldtone got their inspiration from, so if this has sparked any interest do please get in touch to swap info. & pix?

I neglected to mention just in case it is not self evident, that this banjo is not only an aesthetic vision to behold, but a joy to play, even with thick plunky strings! You can hear a snippet of what it sounds like on Andy Dalton´s blogspot:
Chordially Stan Gee              
& The Gibson

Used Banjos;

Guitars & sundry items for sale currently in stock, (plus instruments undergoing renovation)                     
 Maya Bluegrass style 5-st.

Styled after Ode (Flange) & Vega resonator models. Has a few chips from the headstock but is in otherwise good condition, with excellent original hard shell case O.C.  £260
Tanglewood Bluegrass 5-string: 

Excellent budget copy of a Gibson ´Hearts & Flowers´ Mastertone style 5st.Banjo.  Loud & Bright, making it ideal for Bluegrass, but is adaptable to a multitude of other styles! In excellent ´As-new´cond. £265
 Harmony ´Deluxe 30´Tenor:
50-60´s U.S.A. made; Walnut coloured Bakelite Rim & resonator; 23\" scale, 19 fret neck; guitar style tuners good condition; original Good soft shell case; loud & bright! £220
Slingerland ´May Bell´ Tenor:

U.S.A. 1920-30´s Vintage; 19 fret 23\" scale length; 10 & 5/8\" Maple rim with new Remo head; round hole flange resonator with attractive transfer decoration. Original H/S/Case; heavyweight, Loud & Bright! One for the Collector &/or pro player! £330 
May Bell ´Queen´Tenor Banjo;

Made by Slingerland, U.S.A. 1920-30´s Vintage; 19 fret 23\" scale length; 10 & 5/8\" Maple rim; fancy ´Diamond Hole´flange resonator with attractive transfer decoration. Original H/S/Case; heavyweight, Loud & Bright! One for the Collector &/or pro player! £350
VEGA Style ´N´ Tenor-Banjo:

Made in the U.S.A. circa 1920´s, this 17 fret open-back tenor is in pretty good nick!  Very little wear to the ebonised Pearwood fret-board on a straight solid Mahogany neck; 1/2\" thick x 3 & 3/8\" deep x 10 & 15/16\" rim is laminated Maple, stained dark to match neck, with attractive faux Tortoiseshell binding on outer edge. Nickel plating is good on the tension ring & ´Little Wonder´ Tone-Ring;  26 original shoes & adjusting nuts, and approximately 75% of the tension hooks. Original dodgy pegs have been replaced with modern Planetary geared tuners for fine, positive tuning. New plastic head & bridge.  Currently strung in Jazz tuning, but would make a cracking Irish session banjo. Now with a rough but repairable similar period hardshell case. £750 
 Ozark Tenor Banjo SOLD! 
B&M Concert Grande full size Classic in Hardshell Case £125

A genuine Made in Spain Classic. Laminated construction to keep within the Student Budget but some nice features like the real Marquetry soundhole Rosette, 

plus good fitting Hardshell Case. A great sound and good playebillity  for a very reasoble price. £125 
´Concerter´ Dreadnought Ac. 

Early copy of a Martin D-18 made down to a price, but some nice touches like an adjustable bridge, and not a bad tone for a budget guitar. Soft cover. £40 
Richwood 12-string Guitar:  Photos to follow.
YAMAHA Solid Top Acoustic: Photos to follow.
Harmony Sovereign Copy by Aria: Photos to follow
Budget guitars always in stock! for beginners &/or tinkerers; all sizes from tiny to 4/4; from £5 to £20 dependent on condition! 
Gibson UB-2 SOLD!
Undergoing Renovation:
Gibson UB-2: Sunburst, undergoing renovation P.O.A. 
Gibson UB-2: Sheraton Brown, undergoing renovation P.O.A.
Keech Uke-Banjo basic U-B. undergoing renovation. P.O.A.
´MerryBright´basic U-B. undergoing renovation. P.O.A.
Windsor ´Premier´ 8-string Mandolin-Banjo. English made; 30´s Vintage; full 10 & 5/8\" size metal clad rim, with full depth ´Monarch´ resonator; ´Pyxie´ fixed tailpiece.Original Lined & padded fully shaped hard shell case, but needs new hinges. Undergoing minor renovation.Killer Session Banjo! £330
Lyon & Healey ´Old-Time´ open-back 5-String Banjo, MINT plating!. 
3 x ´John Doe´ ´Old-Time´ ´Fretless´ 5-string banjos.
Redwing Strings: Made in the U.S.A. Phosphor Bronze steel strings; loop or ball-end; available as sets or singles; in any Guage,to suit any instrument! I guarantee to be able to find the appropriate guage string for any tuning, over any scale length on any fretted string instrument! Average string prices are £.65p each for plain steel; £1.30 each for Wound. Less 10% for sets. Please enquire for a quote specific to your instrument? 
Here is a nice unprovoked testimonial from Douglas Rogers, a gentleman who is a professional musician,and who purchased several student guitars: \"Pick ´n´ Strum provides a very friendly, helpful and obliging service. The instruments I bought were carefully, knowledgeably and accurately described. They were despatched at once in sturdy packaging with exceptionally clear labelling. Thank you, Stan!\" And thank you Douglas Rogers!

Locating,renovating & providing an appropriate well set-up instrument, within a student´s budget, has always been the prime motive for me becoming a small scale dealer.I am also not averse to accepting a student´s 1st.(possibly innapropriate) instrument in part exchange. Also a good quality used instrument will always maintain it´s value against future trade-ins! We are negotiable! 

The instruments listed carry minimal descriptions and few close-up photos, so please phone or email if you would like more specific details on any aspect.I will add more comprehensive details as future time allows.
At last, We are proud to offer AQUILA Ukulele Strings! hopefully the cheapest available!
All Soprano; Concert & Tenor sets with plain Nylgut high 4th. only £6.00 Post Free in U.K.!
All Soprano; Concert & Tenor sets with Wound Low 4th., and Tenor sets with Wound 3rd. and plain High 4th. Only £6.50
Baritone with Wound 3rd & 4th. Only £7.00 also Post Free!
BOSTON Stand for All Ukuleles; 

A great sturdy little stand that is adjustable to accept any size Ukulele; Mandolin; Violin & Bow, even takes small Banjos! Only £10.00 plus £3 postage.
We are also proud to be in the vanguard with what we consider to be the best modern Ukulele currently available: The KORALA!
Options include all sizes with Solid Spruce top; Mahogany top; and ´Exotic´ Mahogany (similar to Koa wood) top, in acoustic;
Showing 2 Sopranos & 2 Concert models. Also available Acoustic Tenors & Baritones not shown.
All Mahogany models available in Cutaway Electro-Acoustic format
All Spruce top  models available in cutaway El.Ac.versions. Gloss finish lacquer on Spruce top models, Eggshell finish on Mahogany & Exotic models.
Look at the attention to detail on these Mahogany models with imitation Tortoiseshell binding & heelcap! 
and Pick-Up E-Q system.
I think they are not only great looking Ukuleles, but Great sounding & great playing instruments, so even though I love the old American classics, next time you see me I will be playing a KORALA! These are so new we have worked out the prices yet so please give me a ring if I´ve wetted your appetite for a Korala? 
Stan Plays \"Ain´t She Sweet\" 
Korala Concert Uke UKC-40-NT 
Not quite in the ´pro´ league yet? The RICHWOOD is an economically priced alternative! Soprano; Concert; Tenor; & Baritone model ukuleles: 
This photo does not do justice to these economy priced but great sounding range of ukuleles. The three larger models feature a laminated Mahogany Top & Back; Rosewood Fretboard & Bridge; natural eggshell finish & smooth tuning machines. The Soprano is also of laminated construction but of a lighter wood that is finished to match the Mahogany models.A bargain at Only £15. The Concert is tuned to g C e a and is priced at £38. The Tenor is tuned F Bb d g (but will tune up to C) and priced at £48.                        The Baritone is tuned D G b e  & is now priced @ £50. The Concert model in particular is just as good as others I have tried at more than twice the price! I kid you not! I now keep one for my own use! 
Hard to beat a MAHALO for a Beginners Soprano Ukulele! 

Nicely finished beginners soprano sized ukulele, currently in a choice of 9 colours, with matching carrying bag!
 Not a good photo but we now have purple; orange & green, and hoping to get Black in the future, However, supplies of Pink & Pale Blue are Limited!
Attractive Dolphin shaped machines ensure positive tuning! Still Good value at only £18
Mahalo ´Les Paul´ Soprano:
Approximating the Gibson L.P. guitar, this Soprano size ukulele has some very stylish features, including a bound 14 fret to body neck; Cutaway bound body with beautiful Vintage Sunburst finish; ´Minto´ style tuners; inc. fleece lined leatherlook Gigbag. Acoustic model only £40, but also available with built-in transducer pick-up for £55.
Also available in Black;
& Cherry Sunburst finishes. I can personally recommend this Electro-Acoustic range, I own two of these babies, have used them at gigs and they really do the business! Check out the sound on You-Tube, through my portable Fender practice amp, taken at a meeting of the Darlington Ukulele Express club, I am accompanying Eve singing ´St. Louis Blues´, Click on ´Stan and Eve´ to take your pick of around seven ´livemusic´clips!

Mahalo call them ´Ukulele´ guitars but these are really modified steel string guitars, ideal for travel or rehearsal. Robustly made, nicely finished, and not bad sounding for their reduced size, they come in self coloured carrying bags, available in Yellow or black, at only £30
Used Instruments For Sale: Guitars & Ukuleles Currently in Stock (not counting instruments undergoing renovation)  
Mahalo Travel Guitar with P-U!
Nicely appointed budget travel guitar, now fitted with end-pin jack socket & transducer pick-up! Comes with soft cover. £45
Budget guitars always in stock! for beginners &/or tinkerers; all sizes from tiny to 4/4; from £5 to £20 dependent on condition!
Harmony ´Roy Smeck´ model Soprano: SOLD!
Vintage HARMONY Baritone SOLD!
 Undergoing Renovation:  

Harmony stencilled soprano ukulele.


 This is one from my personal collection. It´s initial attraction is that it is a dead ringer for a Martin style ´A´model. See photo for comparison, the ´A´
 Martin is on the Left. Having recently aquired the Martin is of course my only reason for offering ´The Michigan´ for sale, it´s just a shame I don´t have room to keep everything! The Michigan it almost identical to the Martin having a dark Mahogany Neck; Back & Ribs; cranked Spruce top with an inlaid imitation Tortoiseshell pickguard. There is some extremely attractive Fruitwood parquetry inlay around the top edges including the soundhole. There is a slight distortion to the top where fretboard joins the soundhole, but is structurally sound! Plays very clean, with a loud balanced tone. Comes in original Soft Shell Case £295
Ashbury Solid Top ´F´ style mandolin:
On consignment. Details & Price upon request.

Following some foreign enquiries, I feel the need to establish some sale conditions. Firstly my prices are in Pounds! (G.B.P. or Pounds Sterling) not Dollars ( although I would be happy to give a dollar quote); and definately not euros because I personally have no intention of joining the common market! I will accept cash; Postal Orders & English Bank Cheques. Foreign buyers must transfer pounds through their bank because International money orders are a rip-off! American buyers please note that I will accept U.S.dollars. That is cash (dollars bills) not checks or money orders! I will hold an instrument for up to seven days whilst establishing shipping (postal) costs & method of payment. That is as clear as I can make it but please contact me for further clarification, preferably by telephone, typing email is far too time consuming for me!