Stan Gee

Pick n Strum

Evelyn May & Stan Gee,

Cutty Wren Club, July 4th.´04

In 2010, Stan & Eve will be taking their Indepenence Day Celebration performance to the Guisborough Folk Club (at the Rugby Club) on Sunday the 4th. of July. This is a first at this venue! This is as well as their annual gig at the Cutty Wren Folk Club at the Duke William in Skelton. Because of the proximity, appart from a few tried & trusted favourites, they will be attempting a totally different program!
On wednesday the 7th of October 2009, Eve hosted the first meeting of the Cleveland Ukulele Fraternity. The venue was the Duke William at Skelton, which welcomed around a dozen & a half ukulele enthusiasts, comprising four members from the Darlington Ukulele Express club, some of the Cutty Wren Folk club regulars & a couple of my pupils. Eve & myself kicked it off with a couple of songs and I helped out as best he could despite suffering from a bad case of Shingles!  Community style Singing/strumming seems to be the favourite activity, but we did manage to coax out a few solo & duo performances. It lacked a number of newcomers who promised to appear but didn´t, maybe next time? And there will be a next time! Scheduled for the 11th. of November 2009 at the same venue, and thereafter every 2nd. wednesday in the month. It has been Eve´s long held dream to have a Ukulele Orchestra, and this club is the first step! So whatever your level, come along and give it a try. You can borrow a Ukulele if you haven´t got one yet, and we will get you started! 
Care Homes & The Teesside Fettlers Ceilidh gigs, are usually private functions, not open to the general public, but some concerts are, and will be listed as soon as we receive details.
On wednesday the 28th. of July. at the Duke William Skelton, Stan gave his ‘Chord-Logic´ Workshop especially for the members of the Cleveland Ukulele Fraternity. 
Around twenty budding players turned out early to hear about the logical path to learning every chord in every key,essential stuff for song accompanists as well as melodic Instrumentalists! 
The enthusiasm engendered by this pilot Workshop means it will be worthwhile to repeat the experience on a monthly basis, but at a more relaxed pace, allowing for ´hands-on´study! 
The Workshop will run on the 4th. wednesday of every month, alternating with the C.U.F. Strummeround night which will continue to meet on the 2nd. wednesday of every month.
Entry on the ´Strummeround´ night is a token £1, plus a optional £1 raffle ticket.    Entry on the Workshop night is by partial Donation. By that we mean that there is a basic £2 entry fee, but particicipants are encouraged to donate a little extra if they can afford more and obviously if they think it is worth more? Extra Diagram print-outs cost 10 pence per sheet. 
Please note that our little Ukulele Club Shop now stocks AQUILA strings; Ukulele Stands & a range of no less than 8 varieties of Felt & laminated Ukulele Picks along with the range of new & used Ukuleles & Uke-Banjos, shown on the instrument page of the website. 
We were very lucky with the large turnout for our \"Fun with the Ukulele\" Workshops at both Nature´s World Folk Festival & the Saltburn Folk Festival!
Eve has a great touch with the youngsters and had them all strumming along in no time at all!I looked after the adults and tried to put across a glimpse of what the average self tutor leaves out! I´m glad to report at least two Eureka moments from the Saltburn workshop if the follow-up comments are to be believed?
We also found a lot of satisfied customers on the sunday market that is part of the festival. I´m happy to report not only many beginners soprano ukuleles being sold, but several different sizes & better quality instruments, indicating a greater level of commitment! Lets hope we see these faces at our Skelton nights!