Stan Gee

Pick n Strum

All lessons are on a personal One to One basis, available from Monday to Friday. Competitively Priced
Daytime Rates: ( 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.) £15 per hour,  £8 per half hour. 
Evening Rate:            (6 p.m. til 9p.m.)    £12 per 40 minutes.
It should be noted that the student is not just paying for ephemeral time; as any, or all of the lesson period may be audio taped to be re-run as often as necessary. Plus, all required diagrams are supplied at no extra cost!.
Class & Small Group Tuition: 
Experienced in Class Tuition in both Schools & Colleges of further education; private  smaller group tuition & Festival Workshops. Fee negotiable. Festival Workshops: Unlike most workshops which usually take the format of studying the physical technique of the person leading the workshop, Stan´s workshops always cover a good proportion of music theory. ´Theory´ being a scary word to a lot of people, he explaines it in terms of ´Why music works´ rather than just ´showing how´ he does it! His ´Old Time Music Theory´(including the Modal system) workshops were always very popular at Gainsborough´s Friends of Old Time Music & Dance Festival for several years, always being fully signed-up before any of the other usual instrumental workshops! His ´Song Accompaniment on 5-string Banjo´ have been a well received feature at several Saltburn Folk Festivals in recent years.
His Qualifications:
Stan Gee has no technical music qualifications. However, his varied experience more than makes up lack of paper. He has been playing for around 50 years, much of that time performing professionally. He has studied the necessary characteristic technique required for the many different instruments he can play.He has also studied music theory prior to taking up teaching and has been actively involved  in both activities for around 35 years, and ongoing!
A Variety of Teaching Approaches:        
Following an initial assessment period, prospective pupils would be advised on an appropriate course of study which could involve an academic reading music approach; tablature from a published manual; or Stan´s own unique approach utilising diagrams in conjunction with  taped musical examples. 
Student Instrument Hire Thinking about a different or unusual instrument but worried about how you will take to it? It makes sense to try your hand on an apropriate Instrument before making the commitment to buy. We have a comprehensive range of instruments for sale which can be Hired for a nominal fee. 
Follow Up Program
A Follow-Up Program offers progressing pupils the opportunity to practice their performance skills at The Pickin´ Parlor, at The SPA Hotel, Saltburn, every Wednesday evening. A fully equipped Open-Mic stage, operates on the 1st., 3rd. & 5th. wednesdays in the month, the 2nd. & 4th. Wednesdays being purely acoustic nights! A £1 cover charge plus Raffle helps to pay for the booking of Inspirational Guest Artistes of exceptional instrumental achievement, when ever they are available.