Stan Gee

Pick n Strum

Evelyn May Accompanies Stan Gee, ´Looking West´  Jan 2006

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Audio CD Liner Notes:

I consider myself primarily a live performer. My previous studio work for other Artistes hitherto dissuaded me from making my own record, so my appreciation goes to Bob Fortune for steering me through my first C.D. experience, thanks Bob ! 
I would also like to thank my partner Eve, for her solid rhythm guitar & Dulcimer accompaniments, but mainly for her patience and encouragement with this first C.D. project

Only American Music! 

I am sometimes asked why only American music? Quite simply, it was the music, but more importantly, its instrumentation which inspired me to play fifty years ago. I just continually keep delving deeper into this well-spring of American music, to refresh my program & enthusiasm for the idiom. I am not a songwriter, so lastly but most importantly my sincere thanks to the writers & musicians who have provided the vast wealth of inspirational material that evoke my feelings for America, & especially, The West !
Chordially Stan Gee.

Liner Notes For Evelyn May accompanied by Stan Gee sings ´Don´t Pass Me By´and 14 more of her personal favourites 

Credits: Recorded June 2007 by Bob Fortune, Photographs by Margery Fortune; Cover Design by Stan Gee.
Many thanks must go to Bob & Margery Fortune for welcoming us into their home to make this C.D.; also to many friends & family for their support & encouragement; but mainly of course to Stan for his sublime playing & his ability to get the best out of me. Playing music brings such happiness, a gift I like to share with everyone. Eve.
Pickers Trivia: Eve played a 2003 Ovation Soprano & recent Bushman Tenor ukuleles; a 1957 Martin 5-15T & a 60’s Gibson TG-0 Tenor guitars; also a 20’s Gibson TB-Jr. Tenor banjo. Stan Played his 1959 VEGA ‘Pete Seeger’ 5-string banjo; an Oscar Schmidt ‘Appalachian’ Autoharp; a 2001 Martin ‘Backpacker’ Mandolin; 1958 Martin 0-15 guitar & a 2000 Martin 000-CME guitar; a 2001 Martin B-1E Bass guitar & Hohner harmonicas.